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Friday, February 15, 2013

Bits of Africa: 2/21/2013

Fela: 2/23/2013-3/3/2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

Hugh Masekela at The Railto: 4/6/2013

GRAMMY-winning South African Jazz Trumpeter Hugh Masekela at The Rialto on Sat 04/06/13

With a discography that includes performances on the early recordings of Bob Marley and the early 1970s afro-beat of Fela Kuti, trumpeter and vocalist Hugh Masekela’s days since his Witbank, South Africa youth tell quite a story. Anti-apartheid chaplain Archbishop Trevor Huddleston gave Masekela a trumpet when he was just 14, and coupled with a love of Louis Armstrong 78 RPM records, he has used it as an instrument of peace and love ever since. On his new album Jubulani, Masekela reflects on the “boisterous abandon and joyous ululation” of the South African wedding music around which he was raised.

This is a Rialto Series performance.   
Check them out on You Tube.

Hugh Masekela, April 6, @ the Rialto,

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